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Ice Cube Shavers

Cube ice shavers are a popular alternative to the block ice shavers. They are not able to shave the ice as finely, but they offer the convenience of accepting bagged ice cubes instead of ice blocks. SnoWizard offers Hatsuyuki Cube Ice Shavers that all feature built in safety features so that they do not run while the lid is open.

Ice Cube Shavers

Hatsuyuki Icecube Shaver HC-S32A Item No. HAT-HC-S32A
Hatsuyuki Icecube Shaver HC-8E Item No. HAT-HC-8E
Hatsuyuki Icecube Shaver HC-27 Item No. HAT-HC-27
Hatsuyuki Icecube Shaver HC-8EDC Item No. HAT-HC-8EDC

Ice Cube Shaver Parts / Accessories

Hatsuyuki Foot Pedal Item No. HATFOOTP
Hatsuyuki Blade for HC-8E Item No. HAT-BLADE-HC8E
Hatsuyuki Blade for HF-500 Item No. HAT-BLADE-HF500
Hatsuyuki Blade for HC-27 Item No. HAT-BLADE-HC27
Hatsuyuki Blade for HCS32A Item No. HAT-BLADE-HCS32A


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