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Womens T-Shirts

SnoWizard® has T-Shirts for women in three fun designs.

The SnoBar design features George
Ortolano's original logo for his SnoBalls.

Another vintage design with an early
brochure for the SnoWizard® machine
invented by George Ortolano.


SnoBar Design

Womens Purple SnoBar T-Shirt Item No. SHIRTSNOBAR-WPL
Womens Magenta SnoBar T-Shirt Item No. SHIRTSNOBAR-WRD
Womens Orange SnoBar T-Shirt Item No. SHIRTSNOBAR-WOR
Womens Blue SnoBar T-Shirt Item No. SHIRTSNOBAR-WBL
Womens Green SnoBar T-Shirt Item No. SHIRTSNOBAR-WGR

Vintage Brochure Design

Womens White Brochure T-Shirt Item No. SHIRTBROCHURE-WWH
Womens Blue Brochure T-Shirt Item No. SHIRTBROCHURE-WBL


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