Applying Mylar Labels

  • To get the most out of your Mylar labels, we recommend that you first wash the serving bottles with warm water to remove any oil or moisture that might be present. The warm water will heat the bottle slightly and when wiped dry, will evaporate any moisture.

  • The labels should be placed high on the serving bottle using the rim around the top portion of the bottle as a guide. This way, the labels can easily be read when the bottles are arranged on a counter or bottle stand and they will all be aligned which makes for a nicer presentation.

  • Glass and plastic bottles have seams running their full length and if the label is placed over the seam, the small gap will allow air and water to get under the label. To avoid this, place the bottle on a flat surface and rotate it so that the seams are facing to the sides.

  • Remove one-half of the backing paper and grasp the label by the side edges using your fingers from both hands. Touching the adhesive will not affect its sticking ability as long as your fingers are clean. Position the label to align it under the rim and press it to the bottle, wiping your finger across the label from the center outward. Remove the remaining backing paper and press the other half. With your fingers or a cloth, wipe over the entire label to apply firm pressure so that the adhesive makes good contact.

  • Allow the labels to set for 48 hours before subjecting them to washing. After this period, the labels will remain in place for a long life.