The SnoWizard® Difference

Premium Flavors

The product of four generations of extensive research, experimentation and flavor technology, SnoWizard® brand flavoring concentrates for snow balls, shaved ice and snow cones are without compromise the brightest, boldest, most true-to-the-fruit, flavors available. Our 150 plus fabulous flavor concentrates represent the epitome in the creation of the SnoBall. Very simply, they are the best flavors money can buy.

First, consider the SnoWizard® taste. Bold, sophisticated, complex. Taste our Blackberry syrup and you’ll begin looking for the seeds in the bottle. Savor our Georgia Peach and you’ll vow you smell the fuzz, too. They’re just that true-to-life, and fully assertive enough to stand up to a fluffy ball of snow. Bright, eye-catching, intense - no skimping on color here! Culinary experts know that the appearance of food ranks surprisingly close to perception of taste. A SnoBall with weak, washed-out coloring generates weak consumer appeal and less repeat business. SnoWizard® shaved ice flavors are bold and bright, with looks as exciting as it’s taste.

Typical snow ball and snow cone “flavor manufacturers” simply purchase their flavor compounds and re-mix them into a less intense concentrate. But at SnoWizard®, we understand flavor manufacturing like no one else in the business. SnoWizard® formulates and manufacturers it’s own flavorings from scratch, in our own lab – the only company in the industry with the knowledge and expertise to do so.

So when we tell you that you can smell the fuzz in our Georgia Peach and taste the seeds in our blackberry, you actually can! That’s because we formulated them to include the ingredients that produce those flavor characteristics and taste sensation.

SnoWizard® shaved-ice flavorings are specially formulated to stand up to the cold snow, of a real, fine and fluffy SnoBall. The flavor stays strong until the last spoonful, and the color never disappears. The end result is a well-satisfied, repeat customer – one who will send many friends to try your product. Compare the sophisticated taste and intense colors to competitive flavor concentrates, liquid or dry. SnoWizard® wins on all counts.

Particularly when examined in comparison with the dry flavorings, SnoWizard’s liquid formulations provide flavors with superior intensity and greater variety, at considerably lower cost.

As a bonus, every purchase of SnoWizard® shaved ice flavoring concentrates includes SnoPoints™. Offered exclusively by SnoWizard®, SnoPoints™ can be redeemed for free quart or gallon sizes of any of our 150 plus famous flavoring concentrates. Purchases of as little as 10 gallons include enough SnoPoints™ to obtain a free quart, and 25 gallons gets a free gallon of concentrate.

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