Rave Reviews

We would love to know what you think about our products and services. Feel free to email your comments to information@snowizard.com. Here are a few things that others have been saying about us:


Every time I pour concentrate into a quart container I am reminded of what a wonderful job you are doing creating flavors that customers love. Because of you and the service your company provides we have gotten off to a great first season start. I can't say enough about Clive and his invaluable help in every aspect of the snowball startup. I just wanted to say thanks for making a huge difference in our lives. Snowizard has helped us create the Magic.
—Dwayne Franklin
Venita & gang, Just wanted to say hello and I can hardly wait to work with you again the coming year. I do hope Mr. Sciortino realizes how great you guys are. You have always been right there when I needed help. No matter how busy, and I know you were busy. You always took the time to answer a "greenies" questions. Thank you for making my business what it is now. Between you and the good Lord we have truly been blessed. The growth has over powered me. That is why I had to purchase a concession stand to use along with the stable stand. Besides, it helps other young people to have a summer job. ALL OF THIS GOES BACK TO YOU BEING THE KING OF PEOPLE YOU ARE. Thank you so very much. Ilaine P.S. I did forget it was Saturday and Ronnie answered the phone. He was also wonderful. He could have hung up or not answered since it was the week-end. HE HELPED MORE THAT YOU KNOW. I am thrilled that God still has wonderful people to help us idiots. Take care and each of you have a wonderful Christmas. Hugs, Ilaine
— Ilaine Ramsey (Sherman, TX)
Many thanks for your recent outstanding service! We appreciate the care you took in our first order. We just placed our second order today and cannot wait!

— Ann & Anita (Anaheim, CA)
Thank you for your help and fast service!! Clive was the gentleman that took my order he is a really good saleman.

—Nancy (Corsicana, TX)
Thank you Mr.Clive.The great flavours from Snowizard did help me a lot. And the customer service from your side is excellent.

—Elgin (TX)
I just want you to know how impressed we have been with the Snowizard team! We are thrilled to be doing business with y'all. EVERYONE that we have spoken with has been so very helpful and incredibly awesome. Please give kudos to your team! We really appreciate the fact that you have true customer service skills! Thank you so much!

Looking forward to a long term relationship with your company!

— Laura and Phillip Smith (Dickinson, TX)
Fantastic! Thanks Venita...I will order it today..please tell Sergio thanks for me...that is why I have been a customer for the past 18 years...you and Clive and Ronnie have always taken great care of me!

— Lance Easton (Anderson, SC)
Thank you for all your help Venita you have shown to be such an amazing professional.

— Jose Cruz (Puerto Rico)
I purchased samples from all the flavor companies, and yours are the best. They blow everyone else's away!
— Gary P.
I must tell you again what and enjoyable time I had with you and your father touring your SnoWizard headquarters. Never have I been more impressed, not only with your company and the beautiful way it is organized, but also with you and seeing such a family-oriented endeavor! Thank you for a memorable visit with you!
Sincerely, Genevieve T.
Have you tried the SnoWizard Wild Strawberry flavor? We just got it today and I can't wait until my strawberry customers come tomorrow. I am not lying when I say that it tastes like you just bit into a big red ripe strawberry. It is so good! It's not a new flavor, I just never did try it because I was already using clear strawberry (and it is good too) along with regular strawberry. I can't wait to try their other "wild flavors. I also got a Creamy Coconut and it is delicious too. My customers are so spoiled they can't make up their minds now and here I come with two new flavors to keep up with.
— Sherry C. (Carthage, Texas)
Thank you beforehand, And once again you were really kind and had great costumer service!

Regards, Jorge (San Antonio, TX)
Hi Venita,

Hope you are doing well. My dear SnoWizard friend you have been GREAT! You have answered questions that seemed very small to many yet you took time to help a "greenie" in the business. You always make me feel as if I am as important as your $100,000.00 customer and I thank you so much. Because of people like you I enjoy my business and know I can make it a success. Thank you ever so much for always being on the other end of the line.

By the way, for anyone reading this...every word is the truth. If I did not think so I am bold enough to tell you. You have a jewel in Venita. Take good care of her.

— Ilaine Ramsey (Sherman, TX)
You folks absolutely have the best shaved ice flavors going. Our customers love them!
— Peg B. (New Hartford, CT)
We've tried everyone else's flavors and yours are the best.
— Deborah L. (Denham Springs, LA)
Thank you very much for the quick, courteous and professional service….I truly appreciate it!
Sincerely, Remo L.
Mr. Ronnie, I would like to take a minute to express my thanks to you for your companies help with my snowball trailer purchase. I had made a deal with Erskine Inc. to purchase a 6X12 snowball trailer. The day before I was to go pick up the trailer I stopped at your office to pick up some flavors and a few other supplies. I told Clive what I was doing and he asked me to take a look at your trailer. I had looked at your trailer online once before but the price scared me away. When Clive showed me the difference I would have been a fool to purchase the Erskine trailer. For starters their trailer is not made to Department of Transportation regulations. Your trailer is a foot wider which makes a big difference. The counter space in your trailer is at least 5 times more than the Erskine trailer. The ability to hose out the inside of the trailer is the best feature. With all the sugar that is used in the snowball business the trailer will need to be cleaned daily and with a wood floor like Erskine uses there would be rotten wood within a year. The overhead storage is going to make storage of cups great. And the best thing about the whole trailer is that it has a ten year warranty where the Erskine trailer does not have a warranty at all. Your company is a one stop shop for all snowball needs. Your staff is great to work with and very knowledgeable of your products. I would definitely recommend you to anyone who is looking to get into the business. Please let me know if I can ever return the favor in any way.
Thanks, Brian F.
There is no comparison to the SnoWizard shaver, I have a SnoWizard and a Southern Snow. I finally got used to the Southern Snow but it was difficult. It doesn't shave as "snowy" as the SnoWizard but it is an older model. We are planning to buy a third machine next year and it will be a SnoWizard.
— Sherry C.
Hello, We've tried other syrup vendors before but yours is the best!
Thank you, Josephine (Waimea, HI)
Thank you for continuing to provide the high quality service and products we have come to expect. We like doing business with you.
With regards, Andrew M. and Deidra D. (Oklahoma City, OK)
Dear SnoWizard, Thank you so much for supplying the glorious snow for my preschool class! The had a wonderful sno-ball fight, built a snowman, and enjoyed the bubblegum snoballs immensely.
In gratitude, Ann W. (New Orleans, LA)
To: Everyone at SnoWizard
From: Toni D. and "Tha Gurls"
On January 22, 2010 I came up with the BRIGHT IDEA to open a snoball stand…well by the end of the day I had purchased a building and arranged for it to be moved on Sunday. I hit the internet to find out who, what, when and where. All roads lead us to New Orleans. There were choices of brands so we picked the Cadillac of the group, from what we've been told to start. The following Wednesday my daughters and I loaded up the minivan and headed for SnoWizard. We arrived about 10 am. We were greeted by a smiling face named "Clive". He chatted with us to get a feel of where we were - he then proceeded to answer questions and more questions!!! Then he educated us on the "SNOBALL WORLD". He was amazing!!!! After about two hours of questions, answers, and a tour of the whole facility, we left to discuss options over lunch. We were feeling no pressure at all from our salesman. Over lunch on the river, my oldest daughter Cappy felt comfortable with the information, Clive and the whole staff at SnoWizard. My youngest daughter Brianna loved SnoWizard too. Personally I think it was the time she spent on the floor playing with those puppies…but whatever works!!! I was impressed with the whole organization! From the friendly face that greeted us to the very serious man who mixes flavors upstairs – "Mr. Ronnie"! The ladies in the office are an exceptional group…WOW! What personalities! Gran-daddy is precious – what a blessing!! We decided to go with the "Recommended Package". It was very late, but not once did any of the staff look at the clock that was nearing 5:00 pm. They pulled my order themselves and loaded us up and away we went! This letter is a token of our appreciation to you at SnoWizard for all the help and advice you gave us without even knowing who we were. I understand why you are the ROLLS ROYCE of your industry. Keep up the great work and may the Lord be with your company as a whole.
Thank you, Toni, Cappy and Bri (Denham Springs, LA)
Dear Mr. Sciortino, Since we last spoke in March, the concept for "The Ice King" has transformed itself from an academic experience to a potential business reality. Over the past month, I have begun to collect information on many of the various components necessary to set-up a successful snowball stand for the summer season. Since I had my first SnoWizard snowball over two years ago, I have strongly felt that your machine and flavors are the highest quality available on the market today. I would like to thank you for all of the advice and information that you have given me thus far, and I would especially like to thank you for the six samples that I received. I look forward to speaking with you again in the near future.
Sincerely, Andrew S. R., President
Ronnie and Staff, Just wanted to let you know how happy we are with our snoball business, and our decision to purchase the machine, extracts and supplies from SnoWizard. Not only are your products and machines fantastic; you and your staff have been so helpful and just wonderful to us! We would highly recommend you to anyone who wants to be successful in this business to start with a visit to SnoWizard! We are sure glad we did! Many thanks to all of you!
Sincerely, Travis and Vivian G.

Dear Mr. Sciortino, Thank you for the quick reply. I must say my husband and I were impressed to receive a response at all. Most companies don't bother. For that, if nothing else, we thank you. I would like to let you know that we have a SnoWizard shaver and wouldn't trade it for anything! We have been in the snow cone business for approximately 10 years. Five years ago we bought an existing shaved ice business and it had a SnoWizard Machine in it. We have been impressed ever since! We also have another trailer that we use for special events. We strive to put out a superior product and because of those efforts, we have earned quite a reputation in the event circuit. Due to our busy schedule with events, we sold our other shaved ice business so we could go full time with events. Thank you so much for your help and thank you for the compliment concerning the name of our business. It has proved to be a self-fulfilling prophesy. We are definitely "snowed under"!
Sincerely, Wanda B.