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40-Block HC Icemaker w/Plastic Cans

Item No. BM4200PL

Complete 40 block High Capacity icemaker with Polyethylene Plastic ice cans and eight 5GL pails of Propylene Glycol. Machine weight 300 lbs, with Glycol 760 lbs. The BM-4200 requires both a 110 volt outlet to power the agitator motor, and a 220 volt outlet to operate the condensing unit.

This unit produces 40 - 12.5 pound blocks of ice (e.g. 500 lbs) in approximately 8 hours. This may vary depending on the ambient air temperature and water temperature.

Manufacturers warranty is 1 year on parts and 1 year on the compressor with a 90 day compressor labor allowance.

Unit Weight: 510 lbs
Propylene Glycol Amt.: 40 gal = 350 lbs
# of Blocks Made at a Time: 40
Time Necessary to Freeze Blocks Approx. 12 hrs
Electrical Current: 2200V / 60Hz
Electrical Outlets Required: One 220V and One 110V
Condensing Unit: 14.8 Amps
Agitator Motor: 5.1 Amps
Electrical Breaker: 20 Amps
Horsepower: 2.5
Refrigerant: 404-A
Cost Per Block: Approx. $.12 to .17
Amt Ice Made / day: 1200 lbs

ADOBE PDF FILE Blockmaster Specification Sheet

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