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19-Cylinder HC Icemaker w/Pl. Cans

Item No. BMR190PLHC

The SnoWizard BM 404-19 Spinner Block® icemaker comes complete with nineteen polyethylene plastic round ice molds and nine 5-gallon pails of propylene glycol. This unit produces nineteen round ice cylinders every 8 hours or 57 cylinders a day at 80°F air and 80° F water temperature. Each round ice cylinder is 7" in diameter and 6" in height weighing 8 pounds and is made to fit the Hatsuyuki® and Swan® shavers. Make your own ice for approximately 10¢ per block, including 5¢ for the ice bag.

Manufacturer's warranty is 1 year on parts and 1 year on the compressor with a 90 day compressor labor allowance. This item must be shipped by truck line.

Unit Weight: 750 lbs
Propylene Glycol Amt.: 45 gal = 432 lbs
# of Blocks Made at a Time: 19 (8 pound blocks)
Time Necessary to Freeze Blocks Approx. 4 hrs
Electrical Current: Two 20 Amp
Electrical Outlets Required: Two 220V and One 110V
Amps per Condensing Unit: 18
Agitator Motor: 5 Amps
Electrical Breaker: Two 20 Amps
Horsepower: Two 2.5
Refrigerant: 404-A
Cost Per Block: Approx. $.10
Amt Ice Made / day: 912 lbs

ADOBE PDF FILE Blockmaster Specification Sheet

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