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The SnoWizard SnoBall Machine® The SnoWizard SnoBall Machine®

Made In USAThe Original commercial block ice-shaver
that revolutionized the industry!

The SnoWizard® block ice shaver is the industry standard by which all other shavers are compared, block or cubed. The result of over 80 years of research, development and continuous refinement, the SnoWizard SnoBall Machine® produces the finest shaved ice in the world.

Flavor your snow...


your SnoWizard®!

Your SnoWizard® machine can now be bright,
bold and colorful, just like
your flavors.

The SnoWizard® Difference

In 1936, George Ortolano created a machine that produced a fine, fluffy shaven snow, similar to that made with blocks of ice and a hand-plane ice shaver. This invention of a simple but ingenious machine transformed blocks of ice used in the household icebox into mounds of delicate snow-like flakes.

Superior engineering, solid craftsmanship and uncompromising attention to detail stand out on every SnoWizard SnoBall Machine®. Our precision welded stainless steel cabinet, perfectly machined aluminum castings and old-world craftsmanship result in a finely honed machine built to last a lifetime. So well, that not one single SnoWizard SnoBall Machine® has ever required service for any manufacturing defects in our history that spans over three quarters of a century.

We invite you to look at all other imitation, look-alike block shavers and compare. Only then can you appreciate the SnoWizard® difference. We warrant that our machines will be free from defects in workmanship and materials and will repair or replace all defective parts, to include labor and return shipping charges, for the life of the machine, to the original purchaser. This is testament to our dedication and craftsmanship in manufacturing the world’s finest ice shaver.

Read more about our Lifetime Warranty.

SnoWizard SnoBall Machine® specifications

SnoWizard SnoBall Machine® parts


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Cart for Ice Shaving Machine Item No. CART4520-88

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Height: 28" SnoWizard Inc.
Depth: 14"
Width: 33"; (with ratchet bar extended: 52")
Drip Pan: 35" W x 25" D x 5" H
Recom. counter size: 36" W x 26" D (for extra work/materials area: 66" W x 26" D)
Motor: 1725RPM, 115V, 1/2 HP, CCW. 115 Volt, 60hz, Single phase, 8.8 Amps.
Options: 12 Volt DC or 220 Volt AC.
Belt: FHP V-Belt, 38" outside length.
LG pulley: OD: 8' 5/8 bore Cutting blades: hardened, high carbon stainless steel, anti-corrosive. Max ice size: 6"x6"x15" long (15 Lbs.)
SM pulley: OD: 2.5" 5/8 bore. Construction: Unibody welded. Actual Weight: 100 Lbs.
Lubricant: USDA waterproof Foodservice Grease. Recommended
ice size:
5.5" square x 15" long (12.5 Lbs.) Shipping Weight: 110 Lbs.

The SnoWizard SnoBall Machine® is built and tested to conform to National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) and Underwriter Laboratories (UL) standards and has earned the ETL seal of approval which is recognized in all 50 States and Canada.

Member of the North American Food Equipment Manufacturers



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