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Complete SnoBall/Shaved Ice Starter Packages

Opening a new business requires more than just a building and a shaved ice machine; it requires a thorough understanding of the entire set-up to get started off right. The professionals at SnoWizard® know starter SnoBall packages better than anyone else in the industry. Indeed, we invented the concept in 1985 to assist newcomers to the shaved ice business in their selection of equipment and supplies in setting up a new business. We know the flavor concentrates, supplies, and utensils you will need and use on a daily basis in your business, as we are the only ones in the industry to have operated our own since 1936.

Our packages are built on hands-on experience and know-how, and include everything you will need to properly equip your SnoBall business to do shaved ice right. There's no fluff added, and everything we put into our packages will be used each and every day in your business. Packages may be purchased as outlined, or the selection of flavor concentrates and supplies can be omitted or added to fit your needs.

If you're considering a package from any of our competitors, advertised at a cheaper price, let our professionals show you what the differences are and how to read between their lines. We'll also show you what you don't get with theirs. Compare item to item to any other competitors packages, and SnoWizard® wins on all counts. Our ice shaver is superior in materials and craftsmanship, our SnoBall and snow cone flavors are the best tasting in the business and our products are of better quality!

Call us today for comparison or assistance in designing a package for you. We know this business better than anyone, and have all the correct answers to your questions. Our customer service personnel have been trained in our own research and development center, the SnoWizard SnoBall Shoppe.

Ronald R. Sciortino


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