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Family Fun™ Kit

SnoWizard Red Rider Retro SnoBall Kit

The SnoWizard Family Fun™ Kit comes with a Time for Treats Manual Ice Shaver; tested best in class for hand-operated block-ice shavers. The shaver includes 3 stackable ice tubs with lids. Also included are four 16 ounce bottles of our premium ready-to-use syrups made with the finest ingredients and sweetened with 100% pure cane sugar. No high-fructose corn syrup here! Our premium syrups come complete with push-pull dispensing spouts and require no refrigeration. 25 cups and spoon straws complete the kit and we also include a free 4pk Freezy-Pop Maker. The Victorio Manual Ice Shaver comes with a 2 year limited manufacturer's warranty.

Home Use Kits

SnoWizard Red Rider Retro™ Kit Item No. HSWKITREDRIDER
SnoWizard Family Fun™ Kit Item No. HSWKITFAMILYFUN
SnoWizard Blue Lightning™ Kit Item No. HSWKITBLUELIGHTNING

Extra Accessories

Cup & Spoon Straw Pack (20) Item No. HSWCUPSTRPK
8 Ice Pop Maker Item No. HPOP8
4 Ice-Pop Maker Item No. HPOP4

Flower Cups

4oz Red Flower Cups (200) Item No. FLOWER04T200
8oz Yellow Flower Cups (300) Item No. FLOWER08T300
12oz Blue Flower Cups (200) Item No. FLOWER12T200
8oz Yellow Flower Cups (25) Item No. FLOWER08T25
12oz Blue Flower Cups (25) Item No. FLOWER12T25
4oz Red Flower Cups (25) Item No. FLOWER04T25


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