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Super SnoBall Starter Package

This Super Starter Package was designed for the shaved ice entrepreneur and offers economy and convenience for the complete and totally self-sufficient business. You will never need to worry about your ice supply, or cost, as we have included our most popular icemaker in this package. Also included is a selection of 40 flavoring concentrates to satisfy most any customer’s taste. This selection of equipment, supplies, flavorings, preparation items and utensils offers you the most complete package for your new SnoBall business. (PDF Brochure )

Super Package Equipment
  • SnoWizard SnoBall Machine®($50 crate fee when shipped)

  • Polyethylene Drip Pan

  • Extra Set of Blades

  • 20 Block Ice Maker

Flavors Included–16 Quarts & 24 Gallons



  • Sodium Benzoate
  • Citric Acid
  • SnoSour®
  • SnoLite® (10 Pack)
Supplies Included
1 Case 8oz Styrofoam Cups (1000)
1 Case 12oz Styrofoam Cups (1000)
1 Case 16oz Styrofoam Cups (500)
1 Case 20oz Styrofoam Cups (500)
6 Boxes of Plastic Spoons (6000)
1 Case Jumbo Straws (12500)
1 Case Paper Napkins (10000)
1 32 Gallon Mixing Container
96 Glass Serving Bottles
96 Plastic Pourers
96 Plastic Pourer Caps
1 SnoSour Spray Bottle
12 Gallon Jugs & Caps
48 Squeeze Measuring Bottles
80 Mylar Bottle Labels
1 Bottle Drain Tray
1 Tiered Bottle Stand (33 Bottles)
1 Stirring Paddle
1 Bottle Brush
1 Utility Brush
1 Hand & Nail Brush
1 Aluminum Brush Rack
1 Rubber Spatula
1 12oz and 20oz Measuring Cup
2 Small Cup Shapers
2 Large Cup Shapers
1 Ice Pick
1 Box Sanitizer
1 PH Test Kit
2 Counter Sponges
1 Ref / Freezer Thermometer
1 Napkin Dispenser

Packages may be purchased as outlined, or the selection of flavor concentrates and supplies can be changed to fit your needs or requirements. Any item can be omitted, or you can add to our selection and change whatever item you want. We can tailor make this package just for you.


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