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Nachos and Chili

Nachos & Chili

Nacho's and Chili are a delicious year-round way to augment existing SnoBall sales.

Our Nacho Cheese and Chili toppings are compatible with Gehl's Chili and Cheese dispensers, which can be purchased or leased directly through Gehl's here. These dispensers are easy to use and clean-up. The dispensable products come in airtight bags that can simply be removed and replaced when empty. Gehl's advanced aseptic process enables dispensing real dairy products without the need of refrigeration.

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 Item No.DescriptionUnit PriceQuantity
TCHILI80 Gehl's Chili Sauce - 4/80 OZ
TNACCHE Gehl's Nacho Cheese (4/140 OZ)
*Jalapeno Cheese
TNACCHE80 Gehl's Nacho Cheese (4/80 OZ)
*Jalapeno Cheese
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