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SnoSour® Sour Acid Mix

SnoWizard® brings you another industry first, SnoSour® Sour Acid Mix.

About SnoSour®

SnoSour® is a specially formulated sour acid developed by SnoWizard® to produce a really, super tartness in any desired flavoring. Much stronger and tarter than citric acid, less SnoSour® can be used to achieve a greater tartness effect. To make super sour flavors like Sour Grape, Sour Cherry or Sour Lemon, add 3 to 5 ounces of SnoSour® to any desired gallon of RTU syrup. SnoSour® can also be sprayed directly on the tops of SnoBalls to create Sour Tops or Warhead Tops.

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BOTSOUR SnoSour® Spray Bottle
GSOUR SnoSour® Sour Acid Mix (GL)
LABSOUR Sour Label
QSOUR SnoSour® Sour Acid Mix (QT)
SAMSOUR SnoSour® Sample
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