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Ice Making Supplies

Ice Making Supplies

We sell the necessary supplies so that you can keep a healthy stock of ice for your SnoBall business. For lower volume shops, we offer the Polyethylene molds for manually freezing blocks of ice. For higher volume shops that make ice with blockmaking machines, we sell the Propylene Glycol that keeps them running cool. Customers can test their glycol solution by using our Glycol Tester, or by sending in a small sample of their solution. For customers that make ice and then need to transport it to another location, we offer block ice bags.

If you have any questions about making block ice, please give us a call at 1-800-366-9766 to talk to a knowledgeable team member.

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GLOVELG Neoprene Latex Gloves Large
GLOVEMED Neoprene Latex Gloves Medium
GLOVESM Neoprene Latex Gloves Small
GLOVEXL Neoprene Latex Gloves X-Large
ICEMOLD Plastic Ice Mold
BAGICE Ice Bags (500)
CANICESS Stainless Steel Ice Can
GLYCOLTDC70 Glycol Tester DC-70
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