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Simple Syrup Mixing Supplies & Accessories

Simple Syrup Mixing Supplies & Accessories

Simple syrup is the base for the making of all snoball flavorings and is so named as it is “simple” to make. The easiest method to make simple syrup is to mix the water and sugar in a SnoWizard® mixing container with a stirring paddle. Mixing containers come in 10, 20 and 32 gallon sizes, have graduated markings for measuring water and sugar, and come complete with lid and pouring spigot. The syrup can be made quickly and efficiently with no mess in as little as 30 minutes.

Simple syrup will keep on average for a period of 7 to 10 days depending on the ambient room temperature. Flavorings made with the simple syrup will have the same shelf life. This period can be shortened to just a few days if the syrup is kept in a warm environment. Sodium Benzoate, a preservative, may be added to the simple syrup to extend the shelf life. Sodium Benzoate is the same preservative that is used in most soft drinks. However, like a 2-part epoxy glue, the Sodium Benzoate needs a catalyst to activate its preserving properties and therefore an acid must be used with it. Citric Acid is the recommended acid for use with the Sodium Benzoate. However, most other approved food acids such as phosphoric, tartaric and Malic acids will suffice.

Click here to read our full document about the process of making simple syrup.

Customers interested in a sugar-free alternative, can try one of our very own sugar-free, simple syrup mixes. SnoLite® and SnoSweet® are formulated to yield a syrup consistency with a true sugar-like taste.

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CART4520-88 Cart for Ice Shaving Machine
GCIT Citric Acid (GL)
GSOD Sodium Benzoate (GL)
GSOUR SnoSour® Sour Acid Mix (GL)
MIX10 10 Gallon Mixing Container
MIX20 20 Gallon Mixing Container
MIX32 32 Gallon Mixing Container
PAD Plastic Stirring Paddle
QCIT Citric Acid (QT)
QSOD Sodium Benzoate (QT)
QSOUR SnoSour® Sour Acid Mix (QT)
SNOLITE SnoLite® Sugar-Free (10)
SNOSWEET SnoSweet® Sugar-Free Mix (6)
SPIM Mixing Container Spigot
WHISK24 24" Stainless Steel Wire Whisk
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