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SnoBall Machine Parts

Parts for the SnoWizard SnoBall Machine®

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PUSH SnoWizard Aluminum Push Block
PULLEY8 8" Pulley
PULLEY2 2-1/2' Pulley
PLATE SnoWizard Pressure Plate
MOTORP SnoWizard Motor Plate
MOTOR 1/2 HP AC Motor
MAGNET Door Magnet
LEGN SnoWizard Nylon Leg
LEG SnoWizard Aluminum Leg
LATCH Chrome Door Latch
KEY SnoWizard Stainless Steel Key
HANDWHEEL SnoWizard Handwheel
HANDLE SnoWizard Stainless Steel Handle
GUARD Stainless Steel Belt Guard
GREASE Petro-Gel Grease (4oz)
GAUGE Blade Setting Gauge
FLANGE SnoWizard Nylon Flange
FINS SnoWizard Steel Straight Fin
FINC SnoWizard Aluminum Curved Fin
DRIPS SnoWizard Drip Pan (Boxed)
CYLINDERSB Cylinder w/Sealed Bearings
CUTTERSHAFTFINS Cutter w/ Fins & Shaft
CUTTERCOMW-B Cutter w/ Fins, Shaft & Blades
CUTTER Machined Aluminum Cutter
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